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Legislation to Establish 'Little Brown Jug' License Plate Clears Senate

Honors the Rich History of Delaware County and Central Ohio
May 27, 2021
Andrew O. Brenner News
COLUMBUS—On Wednesday, the Ohio Senate passed Senate Bill 12, sponsored by State Senator Andrew Brenner (R-Delaware), which will create the Little Brown Jug license plate. "For 76 years, the Little Brown Jug has brought thousands of people from around the world to Delaware on one Thursday ever year,” Senator Brenner said. “From the economic benefits of the Jug to the opportunities available from the events during Jug week, this license plate gives Ohioans a chance to give back to this iconic event.”

The Little Brown Jug is part of harness horse racing’s Triple Crown and one of the largest harness horse racing events in North America. Officially established 76 years ago in 1945, the Little Brown Jug has been running every year on the third Thursday after Labor Day. Supporters made sure the event still took place during COVID-19, with a limited capacity event.

This bill would give fans of the Little Brown Jug an opportunity to support the event by purchasing a license plate for $30. Of this, $20 will go to the Little Brown Jug Society to assist in maintaining, promulgating, and operating the Little Brown Jug, and the remaining $10 is a service fee to the BMV for processing purposes.

The bill now moves to the Ohio House for consideration.