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Senate Passes Brenner Bill to Allow Online Professional License Applications

June 7, 2023
Andrew O. Brenner News

COLUMBUS—The Senate passed a bill today sponsored by State Senator Andrew Brenner (R-Delaware) to make it easier for Ohioans to apply for professional licenses. Senate Bill 44 requires the state to offer online applications for professional licensure, certification, or other credentials. The bill allows agencies to offer a paper-based option if an applicant prefers, as long as there is also an option to apply digitally.

"This is an easy and common-sense fix," said Brenner. "There is no reason that an agency in 2023 should be offering only paper-based professional applications. It is overly burdensome to someone trying to begin working and establishing a profession, and is not conducive to a pro-business environment."

Brenner noted that many licenses require prior coursework, experience, continuing education, and professional development. He added, given those significant requirements, there should be no more hurdles to acquiring these credentials than what is already laid out in code. 

The bill provides an exception for the Ohio Supreme Court, which is not subject to the bill’s requirements when issuing initial licenses, in accordance with the rules governing admission to the practice of law.