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Senator Brenner Announces Millions of Dollars for District Projects

Funding Represents Initial Phase of State Capital Budget
June 10, 2024
Andrew O. Brenner News

COLUMBUS—State Senator Andrew Brenner (R-Delaware) announced the investment of millions of dollars from the One-Time Strategic Community Investment Fund (OTSCIF) to fund meaningful projects that will benefit our local communities and residents for years to come.
"The OTSCIF provided our counties a unique opportunity to look at their needs and see how the state could provide financial resources to positively impact each community," said Brenner. "I wanted to make sure the dollars were spread around so that they benefit every part of the district."

The following are the projects awarded funding:

Coshocton County:

City of Coshocton Fire Training Tower - $1,000,000
Coshocton Skip's Landing & Downtown Revitalization - $750,000
City of Coshocton Roscoe Cemetery improvements - $460,000
City of Coshocton Pickleball Court Upgrades - $300,000
City of Coshocton Water Plant Electrical Upgrades - $300,000
City of Coshocton Town Hall Roof Project - $240,000
City of Coshocton Emergency Generator Project - $200,000
Coshocton County Library Masonry Project - $48,000

Delaware County:

Little Brown Jug Grandstand Renovation - $1,500,000
Sunbury Ohio-to-Erie Trail Expansion - $1,250,000
Boardman Arts Improvements Whimsy Venue - $1,000,000
Stockhands Horses for Healing, Capital Project - $408,000
Dempsey Wildlife and Education Renovation - $600,000
Delaware County Bicentennial Barn Renovation - $500,000
Powell Adventure Park Expansion - $480,000
“Smuirfield” Golf Project - $225,000
VFW Roof Repairs Sunbury Post 8736 - $28,500
Worenstaff Memorial Public Library Renovation - $34,000
Holmes County:Agriculture Society Millersburg Expo - $750,000
Safe Harbor Ohio - $500,000

Knox County:

Mount Vernon Police Station - $2,000,000
Fredericktown Water Infrastructure Improvement - $750,000
Family Fun Grounds in Knox County - $35,000

Some projects previously received funding in a separate House measure regarding the One-Time Strategic Community Investment Fund.The funding for these projects came from the unique, one-time fund established under the state's current operating budget, House Bill 33, passed by the Ohio General Assembly in June of 2023. 

The OTSCIF set aside $700 million as an additional source of funding allowing communities and organizations to apply for help with projects that might not qualify as part of the state's traditional Capital Budget that happens every two years.

Each chamber developed a plan for $350 million of the total amount while coordinating good faith negotiations to determine projects for the OTSCIF.

The Senate Finance Committee will begin hearings on the bill addressing the OTSCIF funding immediately. Click here for a list of projects and a link highlighting specific projects in senators’ districts. Follow On The Record for additional updates as the Capital Budget advances through the General Assembly.