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Map for Ohio's Congressional Districts Appealed to U.S. Supreme Court

House Speaker and Senate President Request Review
October 14, 2022
Matt Huffman News
COLUMBUS—Today, Ohio House of Representatives Speaker Bob Cupp (R-Lima), Ohio Senate President Matt Huffman (R-Lima), Senator Rob McColley (R-Napoleon) and Representative Jeff LaRe (R-Violet Township) announced the filing of an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court for Ohio’s lawfully passed Congressional Districts.

Read their joint statement below. "Today, we’ve asked our Nation’s highest court to review the Ohio Supreme Court’s decision regarding Ohio’s congressional map, a decision which we believe is fundamentally flawed. While many believe that the Ohio Supreme Court majority misinterpreted state law, there is also the broader concern that the Court assumed a role the federal constitution does not permit it to exercise. This is a matter that needs resolution by our Nation’s highest court. The United States Constitution expressly puts the responsibility to prescribe “The Times, Places, and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives…” with the legislature of each state. As our petition lays out, the 4-3 decision of the Ohio Supreme Court encroached on this legislative authority in multiple ways, and that action deserves to be tested in the U.S. Supreme Court. Our appeal today sets that process in motion."

House Speaker Bob Cupp
Senate President Matt Huffman
Representative Jeff LaRe
Senator Rob McColley