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Ohio Senate President Matt Huffman on Historic Wins

November 8, 2022
Matt Huffman News
COLUMBUS—Senate President Matt Huffman (R-Lima) issued the following statement in response to the results in Ohio's 2022 election: "It is wonderful to be joined by my colleagues on this historic night. We achieved a level not reached in more than 70 years. Tonight we welcome a 26th member to our republican majority, with the victory of Michele Reynolds in the 3rd Senate District. The last time the Senate had a 26-member super-majority was during the 99th General Assembly in 1951.

Today like then, Ohioans know the difference between fact and fiction, and tonight they rejected the fiction driven by far-left special interests and voted for the simple and sound principles that produce results. Less bureaucracy means more liberty for Ohio. We’ve seen that in the legislation we’ve passed.

Results just recently such as Honda and Intel.

We’ve reduced the overall number of tax brackets from 9 down to 5. No one making 25k or less pays income tax in Ohio, that’s a 100 percent tax break for lower income Ohioans even college students struggling against the cost of rising inflation driven by the Biden administration. You see, we simply believe you know best how to raise your family. Parents know what school is bests for their children. Results matter. And we are focused on results, not growing government.

We will continue to listen. We value your voice, because we represent your voice. The General Assembly truly represents the voice of the people district to district and town to town.

Thank you for your trust."