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Wilkin Announces More Than $102 Million Investment in Appalachia

May 6, 2024
Shane Wilkin News

COLUMBUS—State Senator Shane Wilkin (R-Hillsboro) announced the investment of more than $102 million into the 17th Senate District. These funds will boost major projects that will transform Appalachian communities. 

"Appalachian Ohio is truly the heart of our state, and these funds will help showcase all that Southern Ohio has to offer and keep our region moving forward," Wilkin said. "I'm excited that countless of our local communities are part of this major investment in Appalachia. These projects will have lasting impacts for generations to come."

The funding comes from the Appalachian Community Grant Program, which is investing $500 million into Ohio's Appalachian region. More than $102 million is coming from the Downtowns and Destinations Initiative to revitalize and enhance historic downtown districts, education and healthcare services, and cultural sites.

"Our cities and villages have amazing histories and opportunities for all Ohioans to enjoy, including the Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks, which are the country’s newest UNESCO World Heritage site," said the Senator. "The Earthworks and other incredible parts of Southern Ohio will benefit greatly from this investment."

Projects receiving these dollars include:

Ross County: 

  • Yoctangee Riverside District: $35,362,990
  • Mound City Visitor Experience Enhancements: $792,593
  • Seip Earthworks Experience Enhancements: $705,319
  • Hopewell Mound Group Visitor Experience Enhancements: $320,542
  • Hopeton Earthworks Experience Enhancements: $952,497
  • Paint Creek Recreational Trail Section Repairs: $1,933,740
  • Village of Bainbridge Main Street Streetscape Revitalization: $2,145,275
  • Village of Frankfort Main Street Streetscape and Downtown Revitalization: $3,079,793

Highland County: 

  • City of Hillsboro Crossroads Park: $5,204,536
  • Village of Leesburg Downtown Park: $1,052,995
  • Village of Lynchburg Downtown Park Revitalization: $1,001,390
  • Village of Greenfield Felson Park Improvements: $5,371,410

Jackson County: 

  • City of Jackson Downtown Streetscapes: $3,698,250
  • Village of Oak Hill Welsh Museum Rehabilitation: $307,630
  • Wellston Medical Office Building Rehab: $1,664,578
  • University of Rio Grande- Jackson Campus Manufacturing Center Renovation: $1,286,330

Vinton County: 

  • University of Rio Grande- McArthur Campus Center Building: $11,912,000
  • Village of Zaleski: A Trail Town, A Mound Town Project: $3,603,436

Hocking County: 

  • Gateway to the Heart of Hocking Hills: Revitalizing Downtown Logan (three projects): $14,328,481

Gallia County: 

  • Holzer Hill Medical Complex Childcare Center Construction: $7,377,238

Senator Wilkin, at the time Representative Wilkin, supported funding the Appalachian Community Grant Program in House Bill 377 last General Assembly. Learn more about the program and these projects here.