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Wilkin Honors Life and Legacy of Brigid Kelly

March 27, 2024
Shane Wilkin News

COLUMBUS—State Senator Shane Wilkin (R-Hillsboro) issued the following statement on the passing of former State Representative Brigid Kelly:

I am very sad to learn of the passing of my dear friend and colleague, Brigid Kelly. As I think back on my relationship with Brigid, I cannot help but smile. We most definitely had different views and ideas on what was best for Ohio and our constituents,  but we never had a crossword for each other. We always shared a mutual respect for our differences, agreed to disagree, and always, above all, remained friends. I very sarcastically told a group of people, with Brigid present mind you, that I did not like Representative Kelly (her title at the time) and here is why: 1. She is very smart.  2. She is always well prepared.  3. She is very well-spoken. 4. She is on the other side. I followed that up by saying if she could just change the last one she would be one of my favorites. Brigid looked at me and said, "Wilkin, I feel the same way about you." The entire group shared a laugh. Brigid was great like that.
I stayed in touch with Brigid after she left the legislature and I am thankful that I did. She would always ask about my girls and was reluctant to talk about her illness. If she did, it was positive, and how she was focused and looking to the future. Brigid was great like that.

Brigid, I am not sure what else to say. My deepest condolences to your husband, your family, and your loved ones. To lose you has to be devastating. My wish for your family is that they cherish all of the wonderful things you accomplished, the wonderful memories they have to look back on, and in the end, all of that makes them smile. For me, I will remember you for everything I have mentioned above, see you smiling, maybe even snickering, in "Kelly Green" and working for your people. Because you were great like that.