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Sykes Commends TANF Funding Across the 28th District

November 1, 2023
Vernon Sykes News

Today, state Senator Vernon Sykes (D-Akron) congratulated the organizations receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) funding across the 28th Senate District.

"I am extremely grateful for the nearly $1 million of support coming into my district to support our families and children," Sykes said. “Families and children across Ohio who need this assistance will be well served by the vital work of these organizations.”

Last week, Governor Mike DeWine issued Executive Order 2023-11D, which directed millions of federal TANF dollars to support families in need across the state.

Senator Sykes also stressed the importance of sustained aid to families in need.

“The state should also ensure that those receiving TANF support are not affected by the recent cuts to assistance programs,” Sykes said. “These children and their families deserve the full amount of resources they were assured to provide a platform for a healthy and productive childhood and life.”

Organizations benefiting from the $925,000 allocated across the 28th Senate District include:

  • It’s Not a Moment, but a Movement – $175,000 to provide food assistance, health screenings, job fair resources, and support services, including in Summit County.
  • Pregnancy Solutions and Services Inc. – $50,000 to provide mobile medical clinics and facilities that provide free early perinatal care to reduce infant mortality in Summit County.
  • Safe Families for Children Alliance – $100,000 to provide support services, such as housing support and workforce development training, to several counties, including Summit and Geauga Counties.
  • South Street Ministries – $50,000 to provide support and recovery services in Summit County.
  • Spirit of Faith Adoptions – $50,000 to provide adoption support and education for expectant mothers, including in Summit County.
  • Williams Challenge – $25,000 to provide support services, including mentoring to eligible fathers, in Summit County.
  • Truly Reaching You – $200,000 to provide housing and support services in Summit County.
  • Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank – $100,000 to provide food assistance in several counties, including Summit and Portage Counties.
  • The Early Childhood Resource Center – $50,000 to provide tutoring and mentorship in several counties, including Summit and Portage Counties.
  • OhioGuidestone – $100,000 to provide workforce development training in several counties, including Geauga County.
  • Ecumenical Shelter Network of Lake County, Inc. – $25,000 to provide casework management in several counties, including Geauga County.