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Sykes, Romanchuk Pass Bill to Support Children with Disabilities

June 13, 2024
Vernon Sykes News

This week, the Ohio Senate passed Senate Bill 176, bipartisan legislation from state Senators Vernon Sykes (D-Akron) and Mark Romanchuk (R-Ontario), which allows judges to issue child support orders for adult children with disabilities.

"I am grateful to my colleagues for their favorable passage of Senate Bill 176 out of the Senate,” Sykes said. “This bill will go a long way into ensuring that children with disabilities in this state continue to receive the care they need after they turn eighteen and will alleviate some of the burden and hardship which parents who are tasked with the responsibility of caring for these children face.”

Senate Bill 176 will allow courts to issue child support orders for adult children with disabilities whose parents are divorced, divorcing, or legally separated, so long as the disability began when the child was a minor.

“It is essential for children and adults with disabilities to receive family support for their overall well-being,” said Romanchuk. “This simple update will give families the ability to continue their loving care of their children and help countless Ohioans receive the care they may need throughout their entire lives.”

Senate Bill 176 now advances to the Ohio House of Representatives for consideration.

Follow Senate Bill 176 here.